Thursday, February 23, 2017

Who is Sandy?

Saturday, September 24, 2016

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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Do you want a Third Season, Perf?

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

RenewJQ3 is happening now!!!

“This is our last chance to make JourneyQuest. If we’re funded, we will have 10 brand new episodes of JourneyQuest to show you. The only thing we’re missing is you. The good news is no matter what happens we wouldn’t even be in the position to be making more episodes of JourneyQuest if it wasn’t for the already amazing support of our fans and backers.”

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Friday, January 01, 2016 2015 End-of-Year Survey Results

Hi ZOEFans! has been a passion project of mine since before its launch last February and I thought it would be useful to run an end of year survey to better understand who is reading along and what sorts of things they enjoy.

Thanks to the eight people who responded to the anonymous survey. I appreciate it, even the one who seems a bit focused on porn :D

By The Numbers

Number of Participants: 8

Q. In general, where do you hang out online? 
  • Facebook (x5)
  • Instagram 
  • Message boards
  • Pornhub 
  • Tumblr  (x2)
  • Twitter (x2)
  • YouTube 

Q. In general, where do you get your news?
  • BBC
  • Blastr
  • CNN (x2)
  • Google News 
  • Huff Post
  • Naked News 
  • NPR (x2)
  • Online Outlets of ‘legitimate’ news
  • SciFi Pulse 
  • Yahoo News

Q. What music do you listen to?
  • Alternative Rock (x2)
  • Anything but country 
  • Anything but country and rap
  • Classical 
  • Duran Duran
  • Hardcore Christian Metal (Demon Hunter)
  • Korean pop 
  • Metal 
  • Michael Franti 
  • Sex Noises 
  • Sia
 Q. What blogs do you read and/or podcasts do you listen to? 
  • Creative Penn 
  • io9 
  • Dork Forest 
  • Doug Loves Movies
  • Girl on Guy 
  • Harmontown
  • Nerdist
  • None (x3)
  • Porn Blog
  • Writing Excuses 
  • SciFi Pulse Radio

Q. Where do you spend your free time? 
  • At home (x3)
  • Basement
  • Doing photography
  • Free time, what’s that? (x2)
  • In front of a screen 
  • In the gym
  • In Restaurants
  • Online 
  • Twitch 
  • With friends (x2)
  • Youtube 

Q. In general, where do you watch what you watch (e.g. YouTube, Netflix, CableTV, etc,...)?
  • Amazon Prime
  • Cable 
  • Comedy Central app
  • Living room (x3)
  • Local TV
  • Netflix (x3)
  • Pornhub 
  • Twitch
  • YouTube 

Q. What were your favorite things about in 2015? 
  • Don't know. Am really bad at visiting websites other than via a Facebook link
  • Helped me keep track of the various projects. 
  • Info about new projects 
  • It started!
  • Just enjoyed all of the updates on ZOE related things.
    No porn. Cleansed the palette.
  • Parody of parody. 
  • Various news boys

Q. Any suggestions or ideas on what could be doing in 2016?
  • Do you do interviews with any of the cast or crew? Might be fun. 
  • Keep on as you have been doing. Follow the upcoming productions and report on the current ones. 
  • Nope; not really; “por-nope nothing comes to mind” (x3)

Thanks again to everyone who participated!
Seth, Linkmaster General

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Hey ZOEFans!

Thanks for following along with's newsletters, interviews, and fancraft. I hope you've enjoyed the content. To help improve ZOEFan's offering in 2016 it would help me greatly to better understand ZOEFan's audience.

For that, I've set up a survey over at surveymonkey

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

ZOE launches The Gamers: The Series with "Season 0"

The Gamers: The Series is back with Newmoon's Story
How do you produce great content without a studio or a network backing you?

One way is to build a passionate fan-base to patron your production -- and that's exactly what Dead Gentlemen Productions and Zombie Orpheus Entertainment aim to achieve. With the announcement of a 5-episode "Season 0", DG and ZOE are pulling out all the stops to build enough support through their Patreon campaign to keep production moving with monthly episodes of The Gamers: The Series for Season 1 and beyond.

Most role-playing gamers will recognize the highly quotable cult classic: The Gamers. If you are among the uninitiated, stop what you are doing right now and watch the full movie from 2002.

Production quality has improve immensely over the last 13+ years and sequels have followed (among them Dorkness Rising, Hands of Fate, and Humans and Households), but this "Season 0" is the first to return to the characters introduced in the original and how they've been surviving IRL.

Season 0 Episode 1 focuses on Newmoon and the struggles of being an elf in modern America.

If you want to keep the series in production, please join their Patreon campaign.

Game on!
~Seth, Link Master General