Sunday, December 21, 2014

utherseth73 on Surfing Aliens Podcast

Seth (utherseth73) with Sarah Moore
Hi all, I had the great pleasure to sit down with Tim Keaty of Surfing Aliens and Sarah Moore of Romeo's Foe (co-creator of Gamer Chick Show) while at ZOECon2014 in Seattle. There's an unfortunate hum in the audio, but it was such a pleasure to be on. Catch the episode here!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Standard Action Thumbnails Ep 3.3

At this point I had grown a bit confident Standard Action thumbnail contest which started with episode 3.1. Honestly, I'm not sure if I had competition (Yea, I finished first out of one! :) ), but Rob and Joanna both seemed pleased with my work, so that was enough for me.

Each thumbnail gets used across so many platforms and ends up cropped and spliced in so many different ways, it's very difficult to compose an image that hits most of them nicely. I found it helped to keep everything near the center, in some cases platforms reduced the image to a square, so I tried (not very successfully) to keep all the relevant parts in the middle. 

Here were my other entries this episode [the one with Joanna has to-date been my favorite]

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Standard Action Thumbnails Ep 3.2

After Standard Action had selected one of my submissions for the episode 3.1 thumbnail, I was pretty sure they would spread the love and choose another backer for 3.2. But that didn't keep me from photoshopping several together and sending them in. I was again elated to have been selected.

Here were my other entries:

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Standard Action Thumbnails Ep 3.1

Have you seen Standard Action Episode 3.1 yet? If here it is...

What I'm selfishly excited about is the thumbnail image you see before clicking play. The Standard Action Team gave their kickstarter backers a preview of the first episode and then the opportunity to submit thumbnail designs:

"When this episode goes live to the public, we will need a YouTube thumbnail for it. We are inviting you to use your creative brains to come up with one for us! Choose your favourite part of the episode, take a screenshot or two... or three... and build us an image. Send it back to us, and if we like it, we think it captures the feel of the episode, and we think it'll draw people in, we'll use it, and credit you in the YouTube description!"
Such contests play right into my weak will wheelhouse, so I excitedly photoshopped seven entries. I was bouncing around the house when I discovered they had chosen mine.

Here were my other entries:

Friday, January 31, 2014

Warrag! Orkulz Aggax

JourneyQuest Orcs Chippendale BEEFCAKE.

With apologies to Matt Vancil, Jesse Lee Keeter, Kevin Inouye, Luke Amundson, Jeremy Spray, and Steven Wolbrecht.
Thanks to Fox Winter for coming up with the idea of replacing the original audio with the warchant.

Warrag! Orkulz Aggax
Orcish Lyrics

Kekart helaz ek haedart duwudz.
Trogdart huadz ek iuluz malifuluz.
Possagas nubudz shagga, net praolop arwabdjagas nubudz.
Orkulz aggax! Nodar heszax lordhul aka!
Orkulz aggax! Huarit ur drado bawaes!
Batmam nodar bennathesad aka.
Katakaen gadz wuaraggek.

English Translation

 Slaughter the Elf, skin the Dwarf.
Burn the Human and his cities.
You may slay us, but you will never break us.
We are Orcs! Our blood is fire!
We are Orcs! Hide behind your walls!
Justice is our spear-sister.
We will not be enslaved again.