Friday, April 26, 2024

Top Five Brian S. Lewis GIFs

In honor of Brian's birthday, we present his Top 5 Most Popular GIFs on Giphy:

#5. Kinky Bedroom Stuff

Views: 5.2 million. #TGHOF 


#4. Detecting Negativity?

Views: 6.7 million. #TGHOF

#3. Chinning Intensifies.

Views: 7.0 million. #TGHOF

#2. Good Game.

Views: 7.0 million. #TGHOF

#1. Orc-B-Gone.

Views: 13.3 million. #TGDR

Happy Birthday, Brian!!

Thursday, April 25, 2024

I am Flynnough!

This was one of those ideas that jumped into my head, made me laugh, and then tormented me until I made it happen. It's a simple idea and design, but I love how it turned out soo much!

Images link to the Onwaaard! shop.

Coffee Mug | T-shirt

11oz Coffee Mug with art that reads "I am Flynnough - There's 37 more of me, asshole!"

T-shirt with art that reads "I am Flynnough - There's 37 more of me, asshole!"


Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Onwaaard! Launches a 15% Affiliate Program!

Onwaaard's Logo
O-N-Double U-Triple A-R-D ONWAAARD!

Just a quick note — 

If you are pointing people to the Onwaaard! store, you deserve a cut of the sale!

Join our AFFILIATE PROGRAM! Once approved, use your affiliate link when you share/promote, and you'll get a 15% referral commission.



Monday, April 01, 2024

ONWAAARD! "Supporting creators with every purchase."

THE MISSION: to make fun print-on-demand products that benefit everyone involved.

 I see five players in this process:

  1. The Buyer — the fan who wants the thing while also supporting creatives
  2. The IP Owner — that fandom comes from somewhere
  3. The Artist — the person putting in the effort to make something magical
  4. The Marketer — the person promoting the magic
  5. Me (DigbyDavis, LLC) — to cover the projects expenses and maybe turn a profit.

With this dream in mind, I've launched this business model over at ONWAAARD!

The buyer buys the thing knowing that:

  • 10% of the sale goes to the IP Owner
  • 15% of the sale goes to the Artist
  • 15% of the sale goes to the Marketer
  • 10% of the sale goes to DigbyDavis, LLC 
  • 50% of the sale goes to the POD company

To make this work, if you are an IP Owner, Artist, or Marketer, please join our affiliate program at: