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Greetings Hopjockey!

You have stumbled upon our little cyberspace shrine to things Zombie Orpheus Entertainment (ZOE).

ZOEfan.net launched on Feb 8, 2015. You'll notice several pages dated before that. Don't worry, you aren't in a temporal rift -- this site existed as a personal blog for a number of years and only recently went public. To keep some of the collected data together some of the pages were back-dated to when the zoefan.net url was first acquired (Nov. 2013).

Moving forward, in the coming months we plan to add and maintain a semi-regular blog beginning Feb 9, 2015 with Around the ZOEverse - a weekly collection of news and announcements made by ZOE, other production companies, or other shows via social media.

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Thanks for reading this far and welcome!


a.k.a. Link Master General (LMG)
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P.S. Right now the site is updated and maintained by yours truly. I'm open to collaboration though and hope to build a cadre of zombie loyalists*, so if you are passionate about these fine folks and have a desire to help, send me an email at LMG@zoefan.net.

*term coined by Peter Shankman.