Tuesday, December 19, 2023

The Fatal Frontier Audiobook - Advert / Promo

The Fatal Frontier
I seriously can't get enough of The Fatal Frontier audiobook. Both my wife and I currently have this on re-play in our Apple Books app, joining other sci-fi books I have a tendency to cycle through -- like Becky Chamber's The Wayfarers series narrated by Rachel Dulude, and James S.A. Corey's The Expanse series narrated by Jefferson Mays.

Matt Vancil has said he intended for this to be a stand-alone, but he definitely created a vibrant world and characters with a lot of sequel potential. Maybe that'll change. I hope so. When Brian S. Lewis was tapped for the audiobook he initially had reservations since many of the main characters are female. However, his range and effort are extraordinary. I have zero problem getting sucked into his narration.

I love helping out, and as you know I'm all about making derivative art. In this case -- I wanted to create a Teaser/Promo advert for The Fatal Frontier Audiobook. Matt and Brian were both impressed and encouraged me to share it.

The internet seems to fight over a 1:1 ratio vs 9:16 ratio, so I made both:

9:16 Ratio - https://youtube.com/shorts/63w2myM4BFI?si=psUaKCSpfuEFSatE

1:1 Ratio - https://youtube.com/shorts/Qpr3qe-RmP8?si=eZ1a64gXR5bkM3TI

If you didn't back the KS or pick up your copy already, now's a great time to support Matt Vancil and Brian S. Lewis' brilliant audiobook. Available through Audible or Apple Books apps; eBook and print available through Amazon.

Tuesday, February 14, 2023

GIF Take - Carrow "yyyep"

#JQ3e01 #yyyep

Title: JQ3e01 Carrow yyyep

Clip Source: https://youtu.be/EIHeE9ij8Ms?t=258

Zoom: 3.0

Clip Speed: 110%

Transition: Smooth Cut

Font: Albertus / Bold / Dropshadow 


I didn't like how the clip jumped from the end back to the start. 

My solution was to cut clip in the middle, move the front cut to the back, and then link the original end/start frames with a smooth cut. 

The subject lent it self to this -- the background is static and Carrow leaves the frame so the end result appears like he's re-spawning.



Thursday, January 26, 2023


ZOE fans are the best fans!

As of this morning, the ZOEfannet giphy collection at www.giphy.com/zoefannet broke 400 million views. Wow!

The current sets use the following hashtags:

#TGTO. The Gamers [The Original]
#TGDR. The Gamers: Dorkness Rising (alt. #dorknessrising)
#TGHOF. The Gamers: Hands of Fate
#TGHAH. The Gamers: Humans & Households
#TGN1. The Gamers: Natural 1
#TGTS. The Gamers: The Series
#TGTSM. The Gamers: The Shadow Menace
#TGLFR. The Gamers: Lodge's Firefly Rant
#DHSOL - Demon Hunters: Slice of Life
#DarkDungeons - Dark Dungeons
#JourneyQuest - JourneyQuest
#StandardAction - Standard Action
#MVBP - Matt Vancil's Bullshit Patreon
#LibCabbage - Liberty Cabbage
Most GIFs are also searchable by an actor's name as it's listed in IMDB (but as one word), such as BrianSLewis, ScottCBrown, EmilieRommelShimkus, MattVancil, etc,...
# # #

In recent months, GIPHY has cracked down on GIFs that violate their G-Level 1 content rating. This includes profanity, sexual content (including innuendo and partial nudity), violence, threatening imagery, weapons, and drugs.

That unfortunately includes a lot of ZOE/DG content. GIPHY doesn't allow users to contest their rating and any GIFs flagged as PG, PG-13, or R are removed from GIPHY's public search database.
Bye bye Hunk yelling D-E-D :(

I've started cross-posting some of these GIFs to tenor at https://tenor.com/users/zoefannet.
I prefer GIPHY over Tenor for a number of reasons, but so far, Tenor doesn't seem as draconian in their content policy.

 Thanks for reading,
~Seth / Linkmaster General