Thursday, November 20, 2014

Standard Action Thumbnails Ep 3.1

Have you seen Standard Action Episode 3.1 yet? If here it is...

What I'm selfishly excited about is the thumbnail image you see before clicking play. The Standard Action Team gave their kickstarter backers a preview of the first episode and then the opportunity to submit thumbnail designs:

"When this episode goes live to the public, we will need a YouTube thumbnail for it. We are inviting you to use your creative brains to come up with one for us! Choose your favourite part of the episode, take a screenshot or two... or three... and build us an image. Send it back to us, and if we like it, we think it captures the feel of the episode, and we think it'll draw people in, we'll use it, and credit you in the YouTube description!"
Such contests play right into my weak will wheelhouse, so I excitedly photoshopped seven entries. I was bouncing around the house when I discovered they had chosen mine.

Here were my other entries: