Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Around the ZOEverse: Jun 2, 2015

Standard Action's Season 3 Finale!
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+ Around the ZOEverse: May 26, 2015

The following are news items by ZOE and affiliated productions published the week of May 26 - Jun 01, 2015

Zombie Orpheus Entertainment

+ [Dark Dungeons] Dark Dungeons has been added to Rotten Tomatoes! Reviews are requested!
+ Ben here. I've been reading the D&D 5th Edition PHB and so far am quite impressed...

Critical Success Productions

+ [Standard Action] Standard Action presents Episode 3.12: Time and Darkness!

Dead Gentlemen Productions

+ Guess who got STAFF PICK this weekend?!!! WAFFLES HO!!!
+ Return of "Invent-a-Meme"!!!
+ Are you a firestarter? Twisted Firestarter? It's Purple Ninja's Truth to the Head!
+ Just after picture wrap on The Gamers: Dorkness Rising... 
+ Whoa, found footage! 
+ STRETCH GOAL UNLOCKED!!! Here's the update!
+ If you haven't seen this you gotta check out Monte Cook Games, LLC's new family game now Kickstarting.
+ Wow, so this looks interesting. A Victorian Sci-Fi/Steampunk RPG.
+ What's your favorite quote from G:DR?... 
+ It's great to see so many fans ready to give ‪#‎RenewJQ‬ some encouragement.
+ Male Luster joins us for Invent-a-Meme Monday!!
+ TONIGHT! Tune in for more Demon Hunters RPG gaming action, guest-starring Silent Jim!

HeadGames Entertainment

+ Official poster of Suspension of Disbelief!

Kinetic Energy Productions

+ [Transolar Galactica] The Transolar Team is at Lilac City Comicon today...
+ [Transolar Galactica] LEGION! It's here!! The first Nano-Episode has hit the Members Section of the Transolar site!

Lynnvander Productions

+ Lynnvander strikes again! Albion's Legacy finally fulfilling.

Super Geeked Up

+ #‎GeekTweetoftheWeek‬: What movie or show would you like to see done as ‪#‎steampunk‬? ‪#‎SGU‬
+ We professed our love for ‪#‎Disney‬ and convinced Jeff to see ‪#‎MadMax‬! Check last night's ‪#‎SGU‬!
+ Anyone else excited for ‪#‎AMC‬ ‪#‎TWD‬ spinoff?