Tuesday, December 22, 2015

ZOE launches The Gamers: The Series with "Season 0"

The Gamers: The Series is back with Newmoon's Story
How do you produce great content without a studio or a network backing you?

One way is to build a passionate fan-base to patron your production -- and that's exactly what Dead Gentlemen Productions and Zombie Orpheus Entertainment aim to achieve. With the announcement of a 5-episode "Season 0", DG and ZOE are pulling out all the stops to build enough support through their Patreon campaign to keep production moving with monthly episodes of The Gamers: The Series for Season 1 and beyond.

Most role-playing gamers will recognize the highly quotable cult classic: The Gamers. If you are among the uninitiated, stop what you are doing right now and watch the full movie from 2002.

Production quality has improve immensely over the last 13+ years and sequels have followed (among them Dorkness Rising, Hands of Fate, and Humans and Households), but this "Season 0" is the first to return to the characters introduced in the original and how they've been surviving IRL.

Season 0 Episode 1 focuses on Newmoon and the struggles of being an elf in modern America.

If you want to keep the series in production, please join their Patreon campaign.

Game on!
~Seth, Link Master General