Monday, March 16, 2015

Around the ZOEverse: Mar 16, 2015

Laura Scott (center) stands with the Tuatha Delegation from Hands of Fate
Photo Credit: Douglas Herring

+ The world's first, best and only o-pop song
+ ZOEfans: Meet Laura Scott!

The following are news items by ZOE and affiliated productions published the week of Mar 9 - 15, 2015

Zombie Orpheus Entertainment

+ Our Dark Dungeons movie adaptation is now on Amazon, but we need some reviews. [FB]
+ If you're around Duluth, check out this campaign for Berserkon 2015...[FB]
+ On a shelf in an old manor rest a number of books, one after another, each with the same name on the cover... [FB]

Chop Socky Boom

+ Catch CSB ninja this Saturday, March 14th at the Seattle Web Fest! [FB]
+ CSB Co-creator Heath Ward is hosting a panel on Production Design... [FB]

Dead Gentlemen Productions

+ It's Demon Hunters Tuesday. Roll Call! [FB]
+ comes out next week. Stay tuned! [FB]
+ Berserkon 2015 Special Guest Hangout [FB]
+ I, Don Early, have declared that we are delaying The Gamers: Dorkness Rising Blu-Ray Kickstarter until further notice... [FB]

HeadGames Entertainment

+ View from the director's chair of our new series Suspension of Disbelief! [FB]

Standard Action

+ Here's another look at our mid-season trailer... [FB]
+ Standard Action presents Episode 3.7: Bigger on the Inside... [FB]
+ This Saturday is Seattle Web Fest! Standard Action will not only be screening, but... [FB]
+ Standard Action is represented on TWO panels at the Seattle Web Fest tomorrow! [FB]