Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Around the ZOEverse: May 12, 2015

Pilot Season is canceled but the shows live on!
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+ Around the ZOEverse moves to Tuesdays
+ Someday. #RenewJQ (twitter)
+ Around the ZOEverse: May 04, 2015

The following are news items by ZOE and affiliated productions published the week of May 04 - 11, 2015

Zombie Orpheus Entertainment

+ Gravestone Entertainment posted a nice introduction to Hannah Luyten...
+ ZOE's Ben Dobyns will be joining the International Academy of Web Television for a LIVE Google Hangout on crowdfunding for web series...
+ Hey, everyone, this is Ben Dobyns from Zombie Orpheus. I'm also the creator of the new Gamers series... 
+ Learn about the first season and meet the Brass family in our latest Pilot Season update!
+ So many fun BRASS quote pictures…
+ What's going on with JourneyQuest3, Gamers4, and Pilot Season? (Google+) 
+ Are your dice misbehaving? We have the cure! 
+ Thanks to Sugar Gamers for the great article! 
+ The funny is coming, ready or not!
+ Learn about The Mirror Game in our latest Pilot Season update!
+ and Nathan Rice live from set! w/ZombieOrpheus (Hang w/) 
+ We're shooting day-for-night in an Olympia alley w/ZombieOrpheus (Hang w/) 
+ Hello, everyone. We're now nine days into the Pilot Season Kickstarter campaign...

Caution Zero Network

+ [The Coffee Table] Season Two is live on the tube!

Critical Success Productions

+ [Standard Action] We have a new Behind-the-Scenes video up, featuring the crypt from Episode 3.10...
+ [Standard Action] The new Standard Auctions are here!...
+ [Standard Action] Why does this make me think of Wendy?

Dead Gentlemen Productions

+ May the 4th be with you!...
+ Another playtest of the new Demon Hunters RPG: A Comedy of Terrors.. 
+ Episode 09 DG Game Night Part 2...
+ Christian Doyle just said, "I guess what I'm really trying to say is: I made this show...
+ Have you ever made a drinking game to one of our movies?...
+ Only 945 sign-ups to go. If you want JourneyQuest Season 3, have you signed up to pledge? 

Kinetic Energy Productions

+ [Transolar Galactica] Hey Legion, do you know what's cooler than a Gulak-Pop in a Karathian Snow Storm??

Romeo's Foe Studios

+ [Gamer Chick] Hey folks! Gen Con event registration doesn't officially open for a few days, but we are hosting another Gamer Chick RPG session this year!

Super Geeked Up

+ May the Fourth Be With You! Love this video from my Alma Mater!!
+ Here's our ‪#‎GeekTweetOfTheWeek‬ question...
+ Super Geeked Up - Ep. 129 - Avengers: Age of Ultron, LA Macabre, Geeky Movie Mashup! 
+ So much fun last night with the Goons on Super Geeked Up!  
+ We're super-excited to join the amazing online network JTS.TV - Just The Story! 
+ Round Two of ‪#‎Avengers‬ Character Cage Match.
+ So all three of us Super Geeked Up co-hosts were in Vegas last month... 
+ Super Geeked Up - Ep. 130 - Avengers, Character Cage Match, Nostalgia TV, Goons