Monday, February 09, 2015

Around the ZOEverse: Feb 09, 2015

When worlds collide.
Photo credit: Andy Dopieralski

Welcome to our weekly update. The following news items were published by ZOE and affiliated productions the week of Feb 2-8, 2015.
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Zombie Orpheus Entertainment

+ Three members of our Strowlers team have funded an awesome new project. [FB]
+ Matt Vancil's first Gamers novel is now available on Amazon! Read it and please review it! [FB]
+ Our next crowdfunding video is going to be Chibi-licious. [FB]

Brothers Barbarian

+ Elmore Pencil Dice via Kickstarter [FB]

Chop Socky Boom

+ Cherelle Ashby and Jonelle Cornwell nominated for ISAs Best Costume Design [FB]

Dead Gentlemen Productions

+ Want to hear some DG/ZOE alum in a new game? Then back Starr Mazer! [FB]
+ Demon Hunters: Back from the Dead -- Page 35 [FB]
+ Demon Hunters RPG Update. What do you think? [FB]
+ Giant Synchronized Slow Motion Bubbles w/Phil Price [FB]

Standard Action

+ The nominations for the Indie Series Awards are in, and Standard Action has been nominated for the following Indie Series Awards! [FB]
+ Time for a new Behind-the-Scenes video! Episode 3.5: There and Back featured footage that was filmed on our very first shoot day of Season 3. [FB]
+ Standard Action RPG Supplement has been delivered to Season 3 Backers [FB]
+ The Blog Manuscripts Burn did an interview with our producer/barbarian Joanna Gaskell! [FB]

Transolar Galactica

+ Transolar Galactica Story Timeline Graphic [FB]

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