Thursday, November 21, 2013


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Season One

Episode 1.01 - Onward!
Episode 1.02 - Sod the Quest
Episode 1.03 - A Rather Unfortunate Turn of Events
Episode 1.04 - Deadly, Ancient Magicks
Episode 1.05 - Not a Zombie
Episode 1.06 - Bardic Immunity
Episode 1.07 - Duplicitous Bastards

Season Two

Episode 2.01 - An Epic?
Episode 2.02 - City of the Dead
Episode 2.03 - Mewling Monkey Talk
Episode 2.04 - Spry Little Bugger
Episode 2.05 - Bravery Favors the Brave (aka Gibbering Automatons)
Episode 2.06 - Better Than Sex
Episode 2.07 - Much to Discuss
Episode 2.08 - Fall Into Darkness
Episode 2.09 - Retromancer
Episode 2.10 - Through Every Trial and Hardship

Christian Doyle
Anne K. Brady
Jesse Lee Keeter
Jeremy Spray
Brian Lewis
Kevin Pitman
Emilie Rommel Shimkus
Samara Lerman
Fran Kranz
Scott C. Brown
Luke Amundson
Bob Sapp
Bryan Bender
Nathan Rice
Paige Barnett
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Matt Shimkus
Jennifer Page
Leila Aram-Panahi
Gabriel Congdon
Bill Johns
Steve Malec
Cornelia Moore
Roy Stanton
Nikki Visel
Kevin Inouye
Sean O'Connor
Laura Red Scott
John Munn
Tony Acosta
Phil L. Allison
Danielle Barnum
Ahren Buhmann
Emily Cawley
Monte Cook
Jessica Fraley
Coleman Hagerman
Aaron Jacobs
Angela Johnson
Nick Kent
Joseph McMullin
Kat Ogden
Rachel Permann
Kyle Robinson
Greg Rubin
David Azadi Scott
Katie Skovholt
Mason Lahd Wilkerson

Tony Becerra
Ben Dobyns
Elizabeth Heile
Cornelia Moore
Kat Ogden
Greg Rubin
Jeff Deneui
Andy Dopieralski
Steve Malec
Beth Morsund
Brad Roberts
Matt Vancil
Don Early
Aaron Jacobs
Chris Ode
Sarah Sanders Ode
Jeremy Mackie
Chris Mosio
Aubrey Kehres
Dameon Willich
Jordin Mitchell
JoAnne Kirley
Shawn R. Shelton
Damon Vanhee
Kayla Bunch
Jaimie Cordero
Erika Hernandez
Brittany Christine
Naarah McDonald
Anne Sellery
Colleen Kelly
Michelle Mai Smith
Allison Eckert