Thursday, November 21, 2013

Standard Action

Season 3 Poster
Standard Action is produced and distributed by Critical Success Productions and Phasefirefilms. The following links are provided as a resource to fans and visitors. They are public and owned by or on behalf of the copyright owners. No copyright is held or implied.


Season One

Ep 1.01: The Barbarian
Ep 1.02: The Druid
Ep 1.03: The Bard and Sorcerer
Ep 1.04: The Tavern
Ep 1.05: Adventure Hook
Ep 1.06: Questing
Ep 1.06.5: (The Pilot)
Ep 1.07: Don't Split the Party
Ep 1.08: Hail to the King, Baby
Ep 1.09: Hero Worship
Ep 1.10: The Breaking of the Fellowship
Ep 1.11: Of Keys and Cages
Ep 1.12: Will and Fortitude
Ep 1.13: Hell Hath No Fury

Season Two

Ep 2.00: The Teaser
Ep 2.01: The Board is Set
Ep 2.02: Countless Dorways
Ep 2.03: Watching the Watchers
Ep 2.04: Inconceivable
Ep 2.05: Don't Panic
Ep 2.06: Mine is an Evil Laugh
Ep 2.07: Reckless

Season Three

Ep 3.01: It's Dangerous To Go Alone
Ep 3.02: No-Good Swindler
Ep 3.03: Dreams in the Deep
Ep 3.04: Performance Check
Ep 3.05: There and Back
Ep 3.06: Dancing with Dragons