Thursday, November 21, 2013

Transolar Galactica

Transolar Galactica is produced and distributed by Kinetic Energy Productions, and Purple Crayon Picture. The following links are provided as a resource to fans and visitors. They are public and owned by or on behalf of the copyright owners. No copyright is held or implied. 

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Season One

Episode 1.01 - Second Star
Episode 1.02 - Beam Them Aboard
Episode 1.03 - The Will to Live
Episode 1.04 - The Invasion
Episode 1.05 - Peace Negotiations
Episode 1.06 - Release the COBRAs
Episode 1.07 - Edge of the Universe
Episode 1.08 - Ominous
Episode 1.09 - Slow Day
Episode 1.10 - Everthing That Ever Mattered

Additional Content

On Deck with McCall
On Deck with Samson
On Deck with Reggie Murdock
On Deck with Charlie Sang Soo Yasaki
On Deck with Remmington Trigger