Thursday, November 21, 2013

Brothers Barbarian

Brothers Barbarian is produced and distributed by 5 Star Barbarians. The following links are provided as a resource to fans and visitors. They are public and owned by or on behalf of the copyright owners. No copyright is held or implied. 


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Season One

Ep 1.01: Meet the Barbarians (aka Barbarians at the Gate)
Ep 1.02: Stinki & Lord Brian (aka What Ales the Brothers)
Ep 1.03: Give the Dog a Bone (aka Abreast of Thieves)
Ep 1.04: Welcome to the the Party (aka A Clothes Call)
Ep 1.05: To Capture a Dragon (aka Caving in to the Dragon)
Ep 1.06: The 11th Hour (aka Lanced... a Lot)

Season Two

Ep 2.01: A Knock at the Door
Ep 2.02: A Moving Experience
Ep 2.03: In the Mind's Eye
Ep 2.04: The Tale of Two Orc